Top 5 Pecan Tourism Stops For Your Road Trip

Top 5 Pecan Tourism Stops For Your Road Trip

Albany, Georgia

Known as the “Pecan Capital of the World,” Albany is home to numerous pecan farms, processing plants, and a variety of pecan-themed events. Visitors can attend the annual Georgia Pecan Festival, tour local pecan orchards, and enjoy delicious pecan treats.

San Saba, Texas

Dubbed the “Pecan Capital of Texas,” San Saba is home to several large pecan orchards and processing facilities. Visitors can explore the charming town, shop for pecan products, and even take part in the annual San Saba Pecan Jam Festival.

Las Cruces, New Mexico

The Mesilla Valley in New Mexico is known for its plentiful pecan orchards. Las Cruces, located in this region, offers visitors the chance to experience pecan harvesting, attend the annual Pecan Festival, and taste various pecan delicacies.

Florence, South Carolina

The South Carolina Pecan Trail and South Carolina Pecan Festival, based in Florence, invites visitors to explore the city’s pecan history and sample delicious pecan dishes. Participating restaurants offer pecan-themed menus, and there are also pecan farm tours available in the surrounding areas.

Mobile, Alabama

The Gulf Coast region of Alabama, including Mobile, is home to numerous pecan farms and processing facilities. Visitors can tour local pecan orchards, purchase pecan products at farmers’ markets, and enjoy delectable pecan desserts at various restaurants and bakeries.

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